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IT Managed Services

We provide a range of IT outsourcing services to help manage and administer your IT deptarment. We serve as your external IT team by providing the necessary expertise, skill and active participation in resolving dialy routine IT issues or other complex and technical issues.

Our services can be provided remotely, however we are also able to deploy a technical personnel on ground to physically attend to issues on an on-going basis or on-call when needed.

Our Managed IT Services helps you to outsource your IT taks thereby allowing you to focus on your key services. Because IT services are provided as-needed, you are also able to reduce cost of employing a full time staff for the role while at the same time benefiting from the expertise of a highly knowledgeable technical team.

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IT Training

Training is at the core of our Consulting Services. We believe in knowledge impartation for the next generation. Our research confirms the shortage of critical IT skills amongst a number of willing and able to work, mostly young persons. Young persons can be meaningfully engaged when adeqauately trained and they can channel their passion into meaningful vocations.

We also provide a range of enterprenuerial and vocation-oriented trainings that on completion, the participants can begin a small IT service business of their own and be able to offer their services to those who require them leading to self employment.

Additionally, we provide highly-skilled techical trainings for IT persons who wish to upgrade their skills. We also offer targeted software training for Accountants and Finance persons as well training-as-needed for Enterprise Resource Planning Softwares.

We also have a range of C-level executive IT appreciation trainings to help bridge the IT knowledge gap of these category of persons. In today’s world where social engineering has become a tool in exploiting security weaknesses both at a personal and corporate level, it goes without saying that the enterprise security is as strong as its weakest link.

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Recruiting & HR

If your organisation is looking to recruit personnels in IT related roles, we have a database of Resume of applicants that we can shortlist for you based on your specific vacancy.

We continually accumulate, vet and shorlist applicants for several clients and we are certain that we will be able to help you find the right fit for your role.

We understand that sometimes getting a suitable person for the role can be a painstaking and daunting task, especially with many bogus resumes that most great on paper. Our experience and technical expertise positions us suitably to help you recruit specifically for IT oriented positions. We will gladly be part of your Interview Team to help you narrow down, test and confirm skills cliam by applicants and save your the hurdle of the recruitment process.

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IT Procurement

Our procurement services covers sourcing and supplies of Computers, Printers, Computer Accessories and other IT related equipment, gadgets as well as IT consumables. We also supply Softwares through our Software licensing arrangements as well as installation, deployment and configurations where necessary.

With our global partnership with OEMs you can be rest assured that you will get value for money.

One of the most challenging issue with IT producrment is knowing what to buy. Our experience confirms that many firms have spent huge sums and time to purchase Equipment that actually amount to wastage due to over-configuration. At the other end of the spectrum are purchases of equipment that under-configured which end up below requirement and eventually slows than the work process.

When you engage us as your procurement arm, we do not just run to the market, rather we offer on premises assessment as well as consulting while aslo providing you with a range of options to help you optimise and maximize your procurement budget.

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IT Project Managment

When you engage us to manage your new or existing IT project, we help you oversee the project to mitigate risks, save costs, increase efficiency, optimise resources and ensure project is delivered on-time.

Effective project management is the at the core of critical success of IT investments. From new Software Development, to large Scale Software Installation or Upgrade, to Mobile Applications Development or IT Department Relocation or even Equipment Installations or Business Continuity Services such as Cloud Backup or other IT projects that you may have, you can be rest-assured that we will be your eye on ground.

Our keen eye for details, technical know-how, critical and analytic approach as well as our understand of IT standards, processcess, protocols, guidelines and technical recommendations positions us as your indispensable IT project execution partner.

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IT Security & Audit

As new technologies emerge, threats to the enterprise continue to evolve. Businesses are continously under threats to exposure that can result in huge legal implications, loss of data as well as theft of intellectual property and even direct financial loss.

Today’s enterprise must stay several steps ahead security-wise through several thronged approach to ensure that the enterprise is protected. At the core of this protection is the need for continous Security Audit of systems and processes as well as formulation, implementation and continuous reviews of IT policies and guidelines.

The aapproach to enterprise security must be wholistic and preferrably, an indepedent eye is better positioned to provide an unbiased outllook on the existing security system.

The global body for IT Security (CISA) recommends and certify independent IT Auditors to carry out this all important functions.

Our Team of qualified Auditors are well positioned to help your organisation mitigate this security risks.