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inventrium about us

We provide innovative business technology solutions and services to support businesses.

Our retinue of business technology offerings include software applications, IT technology policies, hardware support as well as a host of other bespoke IT solutions. 


When you engage us, we provide business and process evaluation to help identify bottlenecks and pain points and areas where new and improved models and technology tools can be introduced and we provide the appropriate recommendations. Depending on our findings, we may provide you with our own recommended solutions or point you in the right direction.

When we work with you, you get to have peace of mind knowing that your business is fully supported. We are always available and ready to support your staff. We see ourselves as an extension of your in-house IT department but this time, you get premium expert services with the combined knowledge of expert IT specialist with several years of proven business and technology across various types of businesses. You will no longer have to worry about “anything tech” because we are all the support you will ever need.



We believe that businesses have their core focus and should be able to deliver on their core values and not be encumbered in technology processes but rather have the right business technology in place to ensure that the business backbone is fully supported and the processes run efficiently and most especially, be able to leverage modern technologies to drive innovation, change and business processes and ensure continuity while delivering the best value for stakeholders.

We believe that the playing field is getting more even and that small and medium sized businesses can now leverage the technological solutions erstwhile available only to big corporations, apply these solutions to their businesses and ultimately deliver the best possible ROI for investors.



Today’s world has gone digital, businesses that must not just survive, but excel, must catch up with digital trends. The opportunities; whether to reach out to customers, gain new business insights, improve efficiency, multiply productivity or manage resources, through the vast amount of digital tools and processes are immense. Brilliant companies must not just catch up, but must catch up very quickly too if they are to remain relevant and stay ahead of competition.



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